Smart Sensor AR850 Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge Meter Tester


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Smart Sensor AR850 Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge Meter Tester

The AR850 Ultrasonic Thickness Gage is used for measuring the thickness of materials where access to only one side of the test piece is available. It is suitable for many different materials including steel, cast iron, aluminum, red copper, brass, zinc, quartz glass, polyethylene PVC, gray cast iron, nodular cast iron and other materials.Dual probe extended your measure range to every possible need in your area

Used for measuring thickness and corrosion of pressure vessels, chemical equipment, boilers, oil storage tanks, etc.
Widely used in industries of petroleum, shipbuilding, and machine manufacturing.

High light:

  • Large LCD for easy reading
  • Suitable for all metallic and non-metallic materials
  • Easy to operate
  • Wide measuring range from 1.2mm to 225.0mm(Steel)
  • Sound Velocity Range up to 9999m/s
  • Display resolution 0.1mm
  • Hand held and robust


  • Applicable to measure the thickness of any hard materials, e. g. Steel, Cast iron, Aluminum, Red copper, Brass, Zinc, Quartz glass, Polyethylene, PVC, Gray cast iron, Nodular cast iron.
  • Automatic Zero Adjustment
  • Data Store Function for up to 10 test result, will not lost data even without data, suitable for field measurement.
  • Auto Power Shut Off
  • Linear compensation circuit for high accuracy ( 1%H+0.1).
  • Speed of sound testing (m/s) with 12 storage memory
  • Press the up or down arrow to switch between the mm or m/s reading
  • 2.5MHz for rough surface measurment


AR850 Ultrasonic thickness gauge x 1

2.5MHz/10 probe x 1

5MHz/10 probe x 1

Carrying case x 1

Testing Fluid x 1

Steel test template ( 4mm) x 1

Manual x 1 


Measuring Range


Pipe Measuring Lower Limit
Sound Velocity Range


Working Frequency
Working Temperature Range
Automatic Zero Adjustment
Data Store Function
Auto Power Shut Off
Low Battery Indication
3*AAA Ni-Cd or Ni-Hm Battery

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