SP200S EEPROM Memory Ics USB Programmer For microcontroller


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SP200S EEPROM Memory Ics USB Programmer For microcontroller

Product Features: USB1.1 or USB2.0 communication;
(2). full support such as WIN98, WINME, WIN2000, WINXP, VISTA, WIN7 operating system;
3.Support for Atmel's Microchip, SST, ST, WINBOND five manufacturers 336 models, Microcontroller and EEPROM programming;
4. USB port power supply, get the data power-line-type, convenient notebook computer users;
5.ISP interface Atmel Corporation recommended the standard IDC10PIN interface;
6.Finished packing static bag sealed packaging, to ensure that the board the quality before use.
7. the perfect SP200SE programming, to use SP200SE software interface.


the Atmel, Microchip, SST, ST, WINBOND, etc. Series Microcontroller and EEPROM Program.

Shipping list:

1x programmer,

10PIN cable x1 (50cm), USB data line (53cm), four booster screw

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